David Bain retrial, 2009

I get asked about this case all the time.  It was probably New Zealand’s biggest ever case in terms of media attention (more like frenzy) and overall cost.  It is also probably New Zealand’s most controversial case and people have an opinion before they even ask me about it.  It’s a bit like when a woman announces she’s pregnant – people react according to how they feel about pregnancy and children, not how they feel about that particular woman being pregnant.  When people ask  me about the case it’s generally because they have an opinion about it and they want to voice it.

I was approached by Joe Karam in October 2008 to ask if I could assist with the forensic science issues in the David Bain retrial.  I had never heard of David Bain or Joe Karam and it was just another case to me.  As a forensic scientist, all cases should be treated the same, regardless of their perceived importance.

For various reasons, my company was involved with several areas of the forensic science and also with Witness Liaison for the duration of the trial.

It was an extremely interesting case for many reasons.

That’s all I have to say.


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