Amazon calling….

Well, I’ve done it again.  I got sucked into visiting Amazon and ended up buying two books.  I’m a sucker and my own worst enemy.  I recently attended a couple of meetings at a publishers and I decided that my dream job would be to be their Receptionist – she is surrounded by beautifully presented and interesting books of all kinds.  Mind you, I’d never answer the phone but I’d be very well-informed about the products if I ever did get to talk to anyone.

Only two books is pretty good though – left to my own devices when I was pregnant a few years ago I managed to heft fourteen lovely, lovely, lovely books to the check-out counter, only to have to put five of them back, partly for reasons of finance and partly because I couldn’t carry them back to the car from the Cambridge Park & Ride.

I consciously stay away from Amazon because I can’t resist books.  When I lived in England (twenty miles away from the Amazon warehouse) every now and again I found myself convincing enough to allow myself to go back and have a little look, just in case.  The problem was that when faced with a virtual basket of books I started to look for more so as to make the postage worthwhile.  Now that I have moved to a non-Amazon country I can’t fall foul of that because of having to pay separate postage costs for each book that is ordered – I’ve saved a bloody fortune.

The reason I went to Amazon on this most recent occasion though was because I read an article about a book that was cited in a US Supreme Court ruling called A Litigator’s Guide to DNA: From the Laboratory to the Courtroom byRon C. Michaelis.  It’s work-related so therefore can be bought justifiably and it looks utterly fascinating.  I didn’t end up buying it (yet) for no other reason than I got distracted by so many other books that I forgot to add it to my order and now it’s too late because I’ve checked out and the time to amend the order has expired.  So if anyone has read it, I’d like to know if it’s worth a read.

The books I did end up buying are Stiff, which is about what happens to human bodies that are donated to science, and a book about memoirs of a Home Office Pathologist – all jolly bedtime reading and I’ll write a review when I’ve read them.  As it is, it’ll take a week or so for them to arrive because they’re coming from England.  That’s the joy of Amazon, you can have a few beers, browse some books, buy some books and then get the shock of your sweet life when books start arriving ten days later….


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