Personal mobile phone data – nothing’s secret any more…

For many years I have refused to upgrade my cellphone and this article just proves me right (I’ll be able to say “told you so” to sooo many people!). Forensic mobile phone work reveals threat to all of us demonstrates just why we should be very concerned about a) how much information we program into our cellphones, b) the amount of information we are carrying about ourselves, most of which we are unaware is being collected and updated practically by the minute, and c) the very real possibility of fraud, or worse. Mobile phones have traditionally been targeted by thieves because of their value. Now, the more tech-savvy thief can target a specific individual to gain access to all kinds of data and information. Fraud seems to be the minor end of the scale; blackmail and extortion also spring to mind.
Particularly of interest was the data collected by the Sports Tracker facility – who knew that a photo of your home address could be on your own phone without your knowledge? A danger of which women should be aware.
Add to all of this the possibility of hijacking of wireless network connections and the list of potential crimes rolls on and on. Some people will say that that either I’m a pessimist or a drama queen. Others will say that this article is about the UK so why should anyone else worry? Yet others may say that it takes a computer expert to access the data. In my job, computer and technology forensics has increased dramatically over the past five years and it is a very real danger of which all of us should be aware. Some people choose to access data in legitimate settings to help solve crimes. Other people will exploit any weakness they can to make money, in whatever way they see fit.


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