More dope than veges grown in Scotland every year!

“Up to £100m of cannabis is grown in Scotland a year, more than the Scottish vegetable crop” – wow!

Although production of cannabis has reduced in New Zealand, it’s still clearly going strong elsewhere.  A recent news item from Scotland sets out the facts:‘Hash in the attic’ which, in my professional experience, is consistent with the English, Welsh and New Zealand systems – hydroponic cultivation seems to be pretty much the same everywhere and the use of entire buildings and hijacking the electricity supply for cannabis cultivation are common.  I remember a case where a hidden room had been constructed in a house with entrance through a secret door halfway up the stairs – although obviously not that secret because the Police found it in the end but still, when I saw the photos it was all very Famous Five (except for the Class B drugs, of course).  Joking aside though, large-scale cannabis cultivation is a very real problem with very real issues behind it – human trafficking, organised crime…

The news item interestingly states that skunk (a strong, pervasively pungent variety of cannabis) is up to three times stronger than other types of cannabis of its higher levels of the active ingredient: delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). “The UK government said it reclassified cannabis from Class C to B to reflect the fact that skunk now dominates the UK market. Some scientists have concluded that this variety gives users a higher risk of mental health problems. Skunk now accounts for about three-quarters of police cannabis seizures, compared to [sic] 15% in 2003.” That’s a massive increase, and just goes to show the skill cannabis growers have in hybridisation (plus cannabis is relatively easy to grow, given its weed (no pun intended) nature).


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