Part 3: CSI effect/forensic science jobs

I have previously talked about how to get a job in forensic science and how CSI has skewed the image the general public has of forensic scientists (see job in forensic science, retrain, real CSI effect, speed and effect of science, job in forensic science plus others – it’s something about which I have strong feelings…). This is a good and brief article dealing with Bob Shaler’s opinion on forensic science, CSI and what it means to get a job in forensic science: Is Forensic Science on TV Accurate?. Bob Shaler was the man charged with handling the DNA identification of the World Trade Centre bombings so he knows his stuff. Disappointingly for many, when he says “I was a crime lab guy, but I was never the person portrayed on TV.” “That person doesn’t really exist.” – it’s sad but true.


One Response

  1. I have varying opinions on CSI. As a show, without thinking any further, I love it. I feel it’s one of the main booms in interest in the field of forensic sciences, but I think people need to research the topics more, to separate fact from fiction in regard to forensic science.

    – Eric Hathaway

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