Police resources; Mt Eden taxi driver murder

A Police Alert today said, “There are now forty investigators and police officers involved in this homicide enquiry. Every available resource at our disposal is being used.” This is to try to catch the killer of an Auckland taxi driver who was stabbed to death whilst he was working last weekend.
A UK police force recently solved a murder by applying a massive amount of man power (and resources) and a man was successfully prosecuted, even though a body was not found for months after the start of the investigation: Old-fashioned police work solves case of GP killed by jealous man.
In the absence of a body, all the Police had to work on was a potentially powerful motive (jealousy) and a lack of any activity involving the missing man. Police contacted every hospital, dental surgery, supplier of gas, water, electricity, satellite, cable TV, bank and mobile phone provider in the COUNTRY to see if the missing man had made an appearance somewhere else, as well as ports and airports – but nothing. That is an enormous amount of effort, man power and time.
Police suspected that the missing man’s car had been used to transport his body so they checked petrol records to see how much fuel would have been in the car’s tank on the night he went missing so they could establish how far it could have been driven. The missing man’s car was also examined for soil and pollen to suggest where it may have been.
The Police had a suspect and so they examined CCTV footage to track the movements of the missing man’s car as well as that of the suspect (there’s a good argument right there for automatic numberplate recognition cameras and data recording). They pieced together the suspect’s movements on the relevant night and determined that he had had four hours to dispose of the body. So then they worked out how far he could have travelled in that time.  The search took them over an enormous area.
Police divers searched water bodies.
Dogs detected a scent in some woods where Police then found a wheelbarrow among the trees. Officers then spent hours sifting through photographs and videos at the suspect’s house, looking for a photograph of the wheelbarrow – and they found one. Five months after he disappeared, the missing man’s body was located in a very deep grave, dug by a man who knew how to dig holes – the suspect had been a telecomms engineer and dug holes for a living.  Overall, the Police put an enormous amount of effort into this case – it’s a gift to Hollywood just waiting to be made.
It maybe would also give hope or comfort to the family of the Auckland taxi driver that the Police resources will be enough to find the person or people who did it.


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