About “Forensic Scientist”

My name is Dr Anna Sandiford and I am a Forensic Science Consultant based in New Zealand.  I’ve been involved with forensic science since 1998 in both the UK and New Zealand and have assisted with cases throughout the UK, Channel Islands, Cayman Islands and New Zealand.  Through our national and international contacts, my company is able to source the correct expert for any given job, which is a useful thing in a small country like New Zealand where resources and expertise can be limited.

The aim of this blog is to provide constructive comment on the legal/science industry, provide updates on what’s new, add information about interesting cases and anything else that might help people understand more about forensic science and how it works on a day-to-day basis.  See www.FSRL.co.nz for details on our company’s services.


4 Responses

  1. Just sending a “welcome to NZ sci blogs” to you!

    I’m a consultant myself, in computational biology. It’s nice to see someone else who uses their expertise independently of the universities and CRIs. I usually am contracted to biotech companies and research groups rather than lawyers!

    I write on the ‘Code for life’ blog, in case you’re wondering.

    Anyway, welcome & great to see your blog!

    • Wow! You are quick! Thanks for the welcome. It’ll take me a bit of time to get this blog thing going properly (I sound like my mother when she got her first VCR!). I’m still a bit of a novice but it seems such an excellent forum for notifying about events and goings-on in forensic science. I look forward to reading about everything that’s going in NZ science. Your job sounds interesting – probably more money in your customers than from Legal Aid!
      Thanks again.

  2. Wow! You are quick!

    I’m on the computer most of the day working and like taking “micro-breaks”. Have to admit I’ve been slow to catch your reply, though, as I avoid RSS feeds. I get enough email as it is…

  3. Great Blog. We manufacture breath alcohol tester for Law Enforcement and others. Your relayed articles all ring true.

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