Rubbish criminal – an example

I don’t normally consider anything written by the UK’s The Sun newspaper as overly credible but this story just begs to be told (assuming that it’s true).  A man placed a webcam in a store changing room so that he could cop a free look at people trying on the new season’s Spring collection: Peeping Tom caught in the act. He placed the camera in an ASDA supermarket store, which is like placing it in a Warehouse changing room.  As he placed the camera in situ he managed to take two photographs of himself.  Staff in the store noticed the camera within half an hour and notified the Police.  In addition to the photo he took of himself, it looks from those photos like he wasn’t wearing gloves at the time he placed the camera – maybe there is someone out there who doesn’t watch enough crime scene TV programs.

He hasn’t been caught yet but when he does (and I can’t see how he won’t – he’s plaster over one of the most popular tabloids in circulation), it’s a gift to the Crown Prosecution Service and it’s a cautionary tale: there are people out there who will do this sort of thing – and some of them will do it better and not get caught.  Be warned – shopping is bad for you!